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Real Life

This is real life folks…all by 10am —

**Michael, while getting dressed for school, had a meltdown about the pocket on his shorts.

**Kate thought it would be fun to fingerpaint on her placemat with her yogurt at breakfast.

**David got stuck under the dining room table and threw a “my life is ending” kind of fit.

**Kate put on and took off at least five different princess dresses, tutus and fairy wings. She had also already played with play-dough, puzzles & colored with crayons.

**David got out EVERY piece of tupperware, plastic bowls and plates and dispersed them throughout the house.

**Kate slipped on some laundry that was on the floor in the laundry room and it was her turn to have a “my life is ending” moment when she hit her head on the door.

**Of course I was still in my workout clothes…and a shower? What shower?!

So I love this reminder that I saw on Facebook, especially on those weary, real-life moments & days:



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