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Recently I heard a woman at a women’s conference read Habakkuk 3:17-19. She commented that our challenges today probably don’t have much to do with fig trees, olive crops, sheep or cattle…but we can “fill in the blanks” to have it fit our current circumstances. So here is what I wrote in my journal last week –

Though it is spring break –

and I’ve had to cancel all our plans –

and it’s very muddy from all the rain so we can’t go outside –

and Kate has the flu and woke up with throw up all in her bed –

and  she threw up all over me too –

though the house is a mess and I am feeling stressed –

YET, I am filled with Peace & Joy that only comes from the Lord above –

Because I KNOW I am doing what God has called me to do.

I am where I am supposed to be…

I am a Mommy. And I have been entrusted with caring for three precious blessings.

“YET, I will REJOICE in the Lord, I will be JOYFUL in God my Savior. The Sovereign Lord is my STRENGTH. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights.”

If you are tired, weary or discouraged on this ‘Mommy journey,’ know that you aren’t alone. I pray that you will fill in the blanks of these verses today and find encouragement, peace and joy – in the midst of your circumstances.



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“I am praying to You because I know You will answer, O God. Bend down and listen as I pray. Show me Your unfailing love in wonderful ways.” Psalm 17: 6-7 NLT

I locked myself in my closet today. Michael & Kate were bickering — “Mommy! Michael hit me!” & “Mommy! Kate broke my Legos…” I kept hearing “Stoppppp!!!” & “Nooooo Kaaaate!” & “Ahhhhh!!!” And I had had enough. A mommy timeout was necessary or I was going to have a mommy meltdown in the very near future. So I snuck into my room, locked the door, sat down in my closet & prayed. ‘Lord, please give me extra grace to be a mom today.’ That was all. Not a long, drawn out prayer. Just a prayer of desparation. A plea for help. A reminder to myself that I CANNOT do this mom thing on my own.
I heard the door knob jiggle. I heard “Mommy!” & “Ma-meeeee!” & “Where did Mommy go?” I saw Lightening McQueen drive under my bedroom door. But I just kept sitting for a little longer.

I soaked in the “quietness” (ha!) & sought rest in Him. I needed Him & He deilvered. He put peace in my heart & brought stillness to my thoughts.

And He will….every. single. time. Not when I am a perfect mom. Not when I pray just the right words. Not when I discipline exactly right. Not when I do all the cool mom ideas I see on Pinterest. Or when I follow word for word the latest parenting book I am reading. He meets me where I am. Just as I am.
And He will meet you there too.


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Hidden Treasures

“I feel like you’ve already had a full day & it’s only 9:15!” is what my husband texted me Tuesday morning. There are definitely days like that for everyone. Days that nothing. goes. as. planned. Here are a few moments from Tuesday –

7:30 – Michael woke up extremely whiney & dramatic. He was trying to get dressed but was having a really hard time (even though we set his clothes out the night before to prevent this very thing.) “But I don’t want to wear jeans! I looked in my drawer & in the dryer — I don’t have ANY pants to wear!!!” Yes, he is a BOY, a 5-year-old BOY. WHAT is ahead of me in the teenage years?!

8:00 – Kate woke up with a 102 temp after going to bed the night before feeling just fine. On Tuesdays we go to Ladies’ craft time at church. I was so bummed to miss, especially when I had my bag full of projects sitting by the door. Ah adulthood. Ah Parenthood.

8:15 – After I helped Michael through his clothing drama we proceeded to have breakfast. Michael said he wanted yogurt with blueberries. I reached in the fridge for the brand new (large) container of yogurt, didn’t have a good grip on it, dropped it & yogurt went EVERYWHERE — fridge, floor, under fridge, cabinets…oh joy. Poor Michael was already having a rough day & this sent him over the edge. I cleaned it all up as Kate, my sweet 2-year-old, stood over me saying over. and over. “What happened Mommy? You spill yogurt Mommy? You make a mess? I sorry Mommy. I sorry you make a mess Mommy.”

8:30 – After realizing that we would, in fact, be staying home that morning, I sat down on the floor to play Lego’s with Michael & Kate. Michael wanted to build a specific house in the little Lego booklet – yes, it was the house that did not have step-by-step instructions. I told him he can build that house with his Daddy. I am beginning to despise that little Lego booklet. It may disappear 🙂

9:00 – Michael & Kate helped me make muffins. As I was reaching in the cabinet to get flour Michael said, “Mommy! Kate is putting her tongue on the counter!” Me – “Kate, we don’t put our tongue on the counter.” Kate – “We don’t put our tongue on the counter? Ok Mommy.” I KNOW I do not have near as much fun making muffins by myself as I do with these two 🙂

9:10 – I quickly scroll through blog posts on my phone & one catches my eye, although I don’t have time to read it right then – “Multi-Tasking Mamas” – hahaha. Need to read that. Soon.

9:15 – Michael enthusiastically says, “Mommy! Look at David!” (Our 9 month old that will figure out crawling at any moment.) He was on his hands & knees rocking back & forth. I grabbed my phone & switched it to video, to which David responded by putting his head down in the carpet & crying. Poor little guy – I’ve been trying to explain to him that learning a new skill is hard. As a nine month old. As an adult. It’s just plain hard.

Thankfully, the day improved. We stayed in our pajamas ’til noon. We colored & played with play-doh. We took naps. We giggled & sang silly songs. There may have been a few time outs. But God’s Presence was evident, His Grace empowered & uplifted me as a mom, and in this mundane, ho-hum day I knew I wasn’t alone. Although days like this one can be frustrating, I thank God for them. I am grateful for moments & days that don’t go my way – that don’t go as planned. There are hidden treasures in days like that. Treasures of making memories. Treasures of stopping & really looking at & listening to my kids. Treasures of brushing my daughter’s hair & watching my son find the perfect Lego for his creation. Treasures of hugs & kisses from little arms & little lips. Because one day, not too far off, those arms & lips won’t be so little anymore.

So if you stumble upon a day sometime soon that doesn’t go as planned, just stop. Take a deep breath. Ask God to fill your home, your children, your parenting with extra amounts of His Grace. Ask Him to help you see the hidden treasures. After all, the day isn’t a surprise to Him at all! Years from now I know I won’t remember the spilled yogurt or missed craft class. But I will remember the hidden treasures, the small things that really matter.


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