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Don’t be fooled by this photo of my children playing perfectly together. I did take the photo this morning, but it doesn’t accurately portray how our morning went. It started with the frigid wind emptying half of my recycling bucket as I took it outside to the curb. I watched my goods fly down our street, knowing I couldn’t catch it all if I tried. Good ‘ole Oklahoma wind, nothing like it. As I gave David a bottle he coughed & formula went all over me. Of course I was dressed for the day & no longer in my pj’s. Kate awoke in an interesting predicament – one pajama leg off, one on, and panties on top. Hmmm. Not to mention she was wet, along with her sheets of course. I began potty training about a month ago & she’s been doing great but still has the occasional accident. At 9:15 we piled into the car to take Michael to school. I couldn’t help but sigh & realized I hadn’t eaten breakfast. When I pulled up to Michael’s school, I opened the back of the Yukon to get the stroller & it fell on my toes. Ouch. Then it was SO ridiculously cold & Kate was crying but refused to put her hood on – ah, 2 year olds 🙂

It seems that no matter what I do & how organized I am at night, I still feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off in the mornings!! Do any of you feel this way?! I lay out outfits, pack bags, pour milk cups for breakfast, change out laundry, ETC all before I go to bed. But mornings are still CrAzZzY. Most mornings I do try to get up early before the kids, just to prepare myself for the day. I would love to be a morning person, jumping out of bed at 5am ready to exercise, spend an hour in prayer & reading my Bible, quietly drinking my coffee…But Garfield has it about right –

Are mornings crazy for you too? Here’s to a peaceful afternoon & evening 🙂



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