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I’m Back…

At least for now πŸ™‚ Let’s recap – May 11, our 3rd child, David was born.

The rest of May is a complete blur. As is June for that matter. The last week of May we put our house on the market, so the week prior was extremely busy doing all the necessary prep to get our house ready to sell, not to mention taking care of our 3 kids & at one point getting into our friend’s tornado shelter when a horrific storm passed through the OKC area. For the next month I was still recovering from my 3rd c-section while we had house showings, several sets of out of town company, and our three children to take care of…craziness. On June 29th we sold our house! Not that things have slowed down at all – the packing has begun & we are house hunting, getting moving estimates, etc. But David is doing great and starting to settle into more of a routine, which is always wonderful. Michael & Kate have adjusted to having a little brother. The first few days Michael ignored him and Kate stared at him as if to say, “Who are you? Why do you cry so much? And when are you going to leave?” Now she loves to be my helper with changing diapers, swaddling and giving him his paci. And Michael loves him too, although he still ignores him a lot πŸ™‚

Today I want to share a journal entry that I wrote the first day I was by myself with all 3 kids & no help. One repeated lesson I have been seeing these last two months is about the Holy Spirit – God designed Him to be our Helper & He LOVES for us to ask Him for help. What an awesome reminder and privilege that we have as Believers & as moms. There have been times recently that I can clearly sense the Holy Spirit strengthening me and equipping me throughout the day to take care of our children (with a good attitude & little sleep πŸ™‚ ) How personal our Lord is – that He wants to help me pour milk, make lunches, smile & laugh at the funny things my kids say, kiss boo boos, snuggle my newborn…ETC.

Thursday 6-9-11-

Today was my first day to take care of all of us without help. What an adventure this morning was! We had a house showing at 10:30, so by 9:30 I had our house spotless & we all piled into the Yukon (our 70 lb. German Shepherd included) – Michael had Bear in tow, Kate had Bunny, & David was sleeping peacefully through it all. 1st stop – drop Matthew off with his previous owners to stay for a few weeks while we sell our house. Along the way I called Mom – we discussed this newness of being a mom of 3 is just another learning curve the Lord has blessed me with – just like the learning curve from 0 to 1 child, 1 to 2 children, etc. She encouraged me that each day would get easier as each day the kids are one day older.

This morning I asked God to help me enjoy my kids today. I asked Him to allow the Holy Spirit to be my Helper – “Ask the Holy Spirit to help you…He delights in being your helper.” – Dear Jesus by Sarah Young

After “ditching” Matthew I drove to the nearby WM Neighborhood Market parking lot, got the DVD player set up with Veggie Tales, took David out to nurse & passed out snacks. Ready, set, go! While I was nursing, Andy texted me to say the showing had been rescheduled for Friday at noon. Yipee. Well, at least our house is clean. Then I heard Veggie Tales singing about gourds not having belly buttons. This perfect timing of humor kept everything in perspective & reminded me that “this too shall pass.”

David got done eating. Kate started crying. Michael said he was hungry. The Yukon was out of gas. While filling up, all 3 were crying (almost all 4 of us:) so I decided to spontaneously get lunch at McDonald’s (oh uh – mom guilt) & eat at Quail Springs Park. To keep the kids from crying I was making up silly songs about going to the park & having a fun day. I said, “Kate, do you want to go to the park?” She said, “Yeah, park,” while clapping & crying at the same time. “Kate, don’t you want to go to the park & be happy?” “Yeahhhh.” “Ok then, quit crying.” “Okayyy. Okay Mommy.”

When we got to the park we sat in a circle in the shade & ate our lunch. We were all so hungry that it tasted good πŸ™‚ Then the kids wanted to swing – I counted with them, 1-10 in silly voices, in English & in Spanish. I took a deep breath & the craziness of the morning was forgotten. I was enjoying my children. We walked the path playing “red light, green light” – seeing their smiles & hearing their laughs was priceless. Frustration turned to joy. Thank you Lord.

When we got home it was nice to walk into a clean, cool house with lunch already done. I watched Michael & Kate build tall towers with their blocks while I nursed David.Β Thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping me. Remind me that “The days are long, but the years are short.”

I hope this journal entry helped encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to help you through each day & every detail – no matter how significant or how mundane. We are loved by such a personal, tender-hearted God. John 14:16-17 – I will ask the Father, & He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him. But you know Him because He abides with you & will be in you.



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